Forthcoming Features

2017/1 - Issue 90


Audio-frequency induction loop systems are widely used to provide a means for hearing aid users, whose hearing aids are fitted with induction pick up coils, to minimise the problems of listening when at a distance from a source of sound, shielded from the person speaking by a protective window, and/or in a background noise. This Feature will educate our readers about the systems available and enable suppliers to highlight the advantages of their respective systems.

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2017/2 - Issue 91


The proliferation of Tower Cranes on the skyline of our major cities is evidence of the healthy state of the UK Elevator Industry. To meet the demands of this successful industry, it is important that we are able to easily source and develop a workforce with the right skills at the right time. This Feature will look at the services on offer from Recruitment Companies and Training Providers.

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2017/3 - Issue 92


According to amendment 3 (A3), lifts must now be provided with a device to prevent ‘Uncontrolled Movement’ away from the landing when the car and or landing doors are open. During recent years, numerous companies have come up with innovative solutions to satisfy this requirement for both new and existing elevators. Here is an opportunity to tell the industry about your offering and solution.

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2017/4- Issue 93


This Feature is intended to provide information to our readers to enable them to source components and spare parts from trusted sources operating within the UK Lift Industry. Suppliers can use this opportunity to showcase their services and the products that they are able to source.

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Production Deadlines for Elevation Magazine 2017

Issue 90 - 2017/1
Editorial Copy Deadline: Friday 20th January
Print Ready Copy Deadline: Friday 27th January
Dispatch: W/C Monday 6th March
Issue 91 - 2017/2
Editorial Copy Deadline: Friday 14th April
Print Ready Copy Deadline: Friday 21st April
Dispatch: W/C Monday 15th May
Issue 92 - 2017/3
Editorial Copy Deadline: Friday 7th July
Print Ready Copy Deadline: Friday 14th July
Dispatch: W/C Monday 7th August
Issue 93 - 2017/4
Editorial Copy Deadline: Friday 6th October
Print Ready Copy Deadline: Friday 13th October
Dispatch: W/C Monday 6th November

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